About Just Add Sharks

Two makers with lasers.

Who are Martin and Dominic? Just Add Sharks is a company started by Martin Raynsford and Dominic Morrow who met through their love of making.

Martin is one of the founders of Northackton and is a prolific maker. His blog, a challenge to laser cut 365 different projects in 365 days has led to an adventure and experiment which never seems to have an end. This year his challenge was 52 big laser cut projects in 52 weeks!

Dominic is the founder of Nottingham Hackspace, one of the most successful Hackerspaces in Europe and is the organiser of many events such as the long running (okay it's 3 years) Derby Mini Maker Faire and the Derby Silk Mill WHATIF? machine.

Both started using laser cutters in the summer of 2011 when they each nervously purchased A4 sized 35W laser cutters from a competting UK importer. Now nearly 4 years and 8 laser cutters later Martin and Dominic are ready to offer the perfect machines not just for the hobbyist but also the artist, crafter, engineer, designer and maker including you!

We import the very best low cost cutters from China.

At Just Add Sharks we care a lot about hobbyists and makers who want to use lasers cutters. We have extensive knowledge of laser cutting machines and have tried and tested many different models and makes. We've settled on a manufacturor in China that we believe makes the ideal machines for the hobbyist, small workshop or small business. These machines are the lowest cost but not at the expense of sensible build quality and good engineering. As makers ourselves we use our own Just Add Sharks machines on a daily basis at home in our own workshops just like our customers do.

Our manufacturer has a high attention to detail and good build quality which provides what we believe to be the best value-for-money laser cutters you will find for sale in the UK. Why risk importing through an unknown eBay drop-shipper, who cares nothing about making and is unable to provide you with support? A drop-shipper orders direct to you from a Chinese warehouse and may know very little about the products they are selling and knows next to nothing about making things using a laser cutter.

Unlike drop-shippers we unpack our machines in the UK, run a full set of tests on each laser we sell and provide lots of support, tutorials and advice on how to use your new machine. We are highly experienced makers ourselves and know how frustrating and isolating it can be to buy a low cost laser with no help or support from a detached and disinterested 3rd party.

Postal Address

Unit 10, The Wholesale District
Clarke Road
United Kingdom

0115 871 2088

Company Reg: 08830095
VAT Number: 199319457