The Perfect Fit

When Bigchewypretzels wanted to propose to his girlfriend, not only did he make the ring himself, he also crafted to most intricate proposal aid we've ever seen!

Inspired by the Codex Silenda, puzzle books in general, and Shirin's love of fairytales, he set about designing this puzzle book proposal. This is an extremely ambitious first project for someone that claims not to be a maker, and he learned a few important lessons along the way:

  1. Should have learned CAD first! He did all of his design and calculations the manual, labour intensive way, shocking a bunch of Redditors he shared it with.
  2. Use MDF instead of hardwood! When using solid woods, he found they kept breaking during assembly. Switching to MDF with a wood veneer proved more cost effective, and solid to build with.

A brief write-up on our blog just wouldn't do this project enough justice, we highly recommend heading over to the Instructable, where bigchewypretzels goes into great detail about the design process and lessons learned along the way. He has very kindly provided all of the .ai files for you be able to create your own, giving tips on how to personalise the contents for your giftee.

This is an outstanding first project for a new maker, and we're looking forward to his future projects - no pressure!

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  • 7th February 2017
  • Kirsty

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