Regretfully Just Add Sharks Ltd has closed at the end of September 2017. Over the last year Just Add Sharks Ltd has faced challenges with the vanillabox crowdfunded Open Source laser cutter project and with leads times from their suppliers. Demand for low cost laser cutters has outstriped the supply. Lack of timely supply causes delays and disappointments to customers. This is further exasperated by the drop and fluctuating value of pounds sterling. Just Add Sharks Ltd will honour all customers manufacturers warranties.

Customers should continue to email their requests for technical support, software support, spare parts and warranty enquiries to or using the contact form below.

It's sounding a little peculiar...

William Osman is back at it again, this time he has been experimenting with laser etching his own records unconventional materials (much like the tortilla record!)

Whilst the tortilla record used a digitally created file to etch into the material, William instead opted to use a speaker to vibrate the lens whilst rotating the material underneath. His first attempt was to strap a cheap speaker directly to the cutting head, which had no effect whatsoever.

The second attempt was to build a jig, which would allow the speaker to rotate the lens to the vibrations of the music. This also wasn't very effective, but modifying the jig to cause the lens to move back and forth instead provided some results! Only the lower frequencies make it through, so it is quite hard to hear if you're not using headphones when watching the video.

With some more adjustments to reduce the mass of the jig, he was able to produce something with better sound quality. Ok, so it may still not sound all that great, but this is an excellent proof of concept! Check out the video below, and head over to William's blog to read more about it.

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  • 7th March 2017
  • Kirsty

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