Regretfully Just Add Sharks Ltd has closed at the end of September 2017. Over the last year Just Add Sharks Ltd has faced challenges with the vanillabox crowdfunded Open Source laser cutter project and with leads times from their suppliers. Demand for low cost laser cutters has outstriped the supply. Lack of timely supply causes delays and disappointments to customers. This is further exasperated by the drop and fluctuating value of pounds sterling. Just Add Sharks Ltd will honour all customers manufacturers warranties.

Customers should continue to email their requests for technical support, software support, spare parts and warranty enquiries to or using the contact form below.

A Cracking Good Job

Over at 52 Lasers, Jen wanted to have a go at laser cutting cracker dough, so she did exactly that! She wasn't entirely convinced it would work, but had a go anyway. If worst came to worst, she could hand cut the dough to bake!

After making the dough, she split it in half and rolled it out; this gave her the chance to try 2 different designs. She did her best to roll it out evenly, and under 3mm thick. She rolled the dough out onto parchment paper, as it is laser safe, and then laid everything on top of some plywood to prevent flashback from the laser, and to protect the dough from the laser bed. after performing a few test cuts, she found the optimal settings were full power at 8% speed.

The first design was a hexagon shape with tiny heart shaped holes for venting. This proved to be too tricky a design, as the hearts were too hard to pop out. The second design was a rounded triangle with asterisks for venting. These were much easier to make, and quicker to cut. After all of the laser cutting is done, it's simply a case of baking and eating!

Jen is one half of 52 Lasers, A husband and wife project born from a desire to get creative, and a huge list of things they'd been wanting to try but never got round to doing. You can check out her Etsy store here

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  • 14th March 2017
  • Kirsty

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