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Reactive Pendant

Working in collaboration with daterdots, martincowell has built an extremely ambitious pendant light that can react to sound to produce amazing animations.

Using a simple cylindrical support structure, the overall shape of the pendant is defined by the way that the LED strips drape. The support platforms were designed to be laser cut from 1/8" plywood, and held together using machine screws and captive nut joints.

Construction of the lamp is a very time-consuming process! Start by installing all of your electronic components in the top platform, and then suspend it from the ceiling. One strip at a time, you will then need to string all of your LEDs through the guide holes, and secure them to the bottom platform. When connecting the data lines, make sure to do it in a continuous string! Check all of your power and data connections before moving on to the coding.

With help from the people at and daterdots, Martin has written code that maps visualisations onto the cylindrical surface of the pendant. They're frequently updating the code, so there'll always be plenty of cool things for your pendant lamp to do! Martin also plans to add a perimeter wall to the top platform, to better conceal all of the wires.

Perhaps not a project for everyone, but it's certainly striking! Head over to instructables to check out all of the build details. Martin Cowell is a mechanical engineer and designer, and is currently studying for a PhD in printed electronics at UC Berkeley.

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  • 16th March 2017
  • Kirsty

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