And Time Began Seriously To Pass

Using every tool at his disposal at Pier 9, Jon-A-Tron created this amazing piece of time telling machinery.

Making use of a laser cutter, water jet, sand blaster, 3D printer and more, Jon-A-Tron has managed to make this very interesting clock. Ok, so some of these tools aren't exactly easily accessible to most of you, but you should be able to recreate some of the parts using plywood and your laser cutter!

Head over to the instructable to read more about the design and build of this project. He's even shared the files so that you can take a closer look, or potentially even make your own! Jon-A-Tron is a full-time designer for Instructables, And we highly recommend checking this and his other projects out!

(Via Hackaday)

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  • 13th April 2017
  • Kirsty

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