Dog Treat Dispenser

You might remember bigchewypretzels from his amazing debut make: The Perfect Fit, in which he proposed to his girlfriend with a stunning laser-cut puzzle book. Well, he's back, this time with a treat dispenser for their dog, Pickles!

You see, Shirin loves Pickles so much, she misses him when she has to go to work; so bigchewypretzels decided to make her a device that allows her to give Pickles treats whenever she's out and about. Housed in a laser cut acrylic case and triggered using email, Alexa, the iPhone app, or the Adafruit IO site, the Raspberry Pi powered device dispenses treats whenever Shirin activates it. It also captures and emails a video of Pickles enjoying his treats back to her!

There's already plans to upload a second 'ible to include a ball launcher and RFID ball receptacle, and the architecture allows for you to easily extend the functionality for increased interaction with your pets. Head over to the project page to take a look, and perhaps have a go at making your own!

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  • 2nd May 2017
  • Kirsty

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