Regretfully Just Add Sharks Ltd has closed at the end of September 2017. Over the last year Just Add Sharks Ltd has faced challenges with the vanillabox crowdfunded Open Source laser cutter project and with leads times from their suppliers. Demand for low cost laser cutters has outstriped the supply. Lack of timely supply causes delays and disappointments to customers. This is further exasperated by the drop and fluctuating value of pounds sterling. Just Add Sharks Ltd will honour all customers manufacturers warranties.

Customers should continue to email their requests for technical support, software support, spare parts and warranty enquiries to or using the contact form below.

Laser Cut Clamps

Youtube channel 150 Watt have designed and produced a couple of nifty laser-cut clamps that you might find handy to keep around the workshop!

First up is this bar clamp with a nifty little locking mechanism that utilises a living hinge. You can check out the build details over on Instructables

Next up is this little spring clamp, which uses elastic bands to keep the tension. You can find the build details and the files over on Instructables

Ok, so neither of these clamps are going to be able to hold much weight, but they would still be nice to have in the workshop as a nice way to clamp your other laser-cut projects together as the glue dries!

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  • 11th May 2017
  • Kirsty

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