Using Lasercut 5.3 with non-administrator permissions

Lasercut 5.3 can be problematic if it is not run with administrative permissions; for typical home use this is easily overcome by launching Lasercut 5.3 by right-clicking the Lasercut 5.3 icon and selecting Run as administrator

For schools, corporate environments or other places where network policies prevent this, some changes need to be made by the network administrator. The following locations need write permissions for the user that will be running the software:

  • C:\Lasercut53
  • C:\Laser.mol
  • C:\Laser.txt

The slight caveat is that Laser.mol and Laser.txt are not created until the first file has been sent to the laser cutter - So Lasercut 5.3 should be run first as an administrator, and a generic file should be sent to the laser cutter and then exit out of Lasercut 5.3. Then, one by one, right click the 3 locations, select Properties, go to the Security tab, and give write permissions for the appropriate network user or user group

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